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12/02/2005 at 11:06

Blighting the Blogosphere

Blogs intrigue me, really; the idea of a public diary is rather- exhibitionistic- of all of us. Then again, that sort of self-consciously private display seems to be emblematic of popular American culture. I’ll share my secrets with you- whisper the thoughts of my soul to you- and you- and you- and you…

Seriously, though, I must create some sort of disciplined writing schedule, or I’ll never be able to string my thoughts together in a way that allows me to feel comfortable with expressing them. My writing- my essays, specifically- have been, in the past, my greatest (though by no means my only) verbal gift. (Oh- I should tell you that I don’t believe in modesty. Humility, yes; knowing one’s place in the big scam of things is not just useful but necessary to a well-balanced life. Modesty- the deliberate underplaying of one’s talents or characteristics- is both counterproductive and annoying. Just something you should know before you decide to read any further.)

I’ve let all of that go; my recent perusal of papers I wrote as an undergrad- mostly unedited- tells me that I’ve let my skills slip more than I knew and definitely more than I should’ve (and let’s not even talk about the poetry- JHF Christ, I don’t even want to think about that- and another thing you should know is that my parenthetical contributions are as long or longer than my ordinate clauses- and also that my love of subordinate clauses runs to the utterly ridiculous; my grammatically correct record, achieved on my Harlem Renaissance final, was nine- and my teacher gave me extra credit when I pointed out the sentence, again, parenthetically).

This is not to be a political blog, regardless of the first entry- made after the 2004 election- which appears below. It will be a random, topical, sometimes ludicrous, occasionally shallow, slightly edited stream-of-consciousness- and gods only know whether it’ll all be written consciously or not.

Enough for now; I should actually try to get some work done. More- hopefully- later today.


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