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6/13/2007 at 21:02

Inflammatory Essay

UPDATE: 03/27/2015. I've removed the text of Ms. Holzer's remarkable "Inflammatory Essay" from my blog; ignorant though I was of the relevant law when I posted it, I should still have known better. She is its creator; it is hers and hers alone, and I should have respected her right to exclusive control of its dissemination.

(Note that this action is not due to any request or notice I've received. I simply remembered this post, and am acting to correct my own errors.)
I am in a truly savage, violently incendiary mood.
This disposition fits my appreciation of Jenny Holzer.
Holzer is an American conceptual artist, one of the few I actually like. Her métier is- surprise!- words. Words in public spaces, actually.
I’ve been following her work since my first sculpture class in undergrad, but my favorite among all her pieces is still the very first one I ever read.
And I’m going to share it with you, because it’s very, very close to describing exactly how I feel right now.


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