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5/02/2008 at 15:28

My first- and probably last- sonnet about law school.

For my 100th post, a juvenile but mildly humorous Shakespearean sonnet.


It’s been a while since I’ve written rhymed verse,
but still, I have the bee in my bonnet-
and though for exams I’ve law to rehearse
my bee today desires a sonnet.

(Law school exams are delightful, some say,
and those who say so I’d never deny-
but should still note that some disorders may
cause the occasional psychotic lie.)

The exam-averse bee’s buzz in my brain
breaks the dark thrall of my Evidence book-
draws its delight from distracting again
my bleary bent from its bleak legal nook.

(I recall now why no test, book, or bee
pardons a sonnet around a JD.)

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Blogger Calladus said...

I like Haiku:

The library light's
cicada buzz burns my brain.
The warm night tempts me.  


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