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11/28/2008 at 18:50


So yeah, I took the text of this blog post down. I don't often do that, but in this case I had always planned that it be temporary.

It's rare that I post things that I don't want associated with my name. But honest opinions are one thing; me gratuitously cussing at a group of spectacular idiots is another.

Oh, sure, it's commentary. But it's not the kind of commentary that I find legitimate when others do it- why would I make it a permanent part of mine?

So it was a glimpse into the equally concerned, but somewhat less rational and logical side of my brain. It does exist, you know- as some of the folks reading this post have experienced, quite possibly to their rue.

Hope ya'll enjoyed it, at least a little. I certainly enjoyed the change of pace.

Blogger Themis said...

Sumi, as always, your way with words made me feel like we were walking down the streets of D.C. while discussing things that many other people take for granted.

And you are SO right!

Honestly, I'd like to understand the mental proces, or maybe the pure idiocy of those who spend their time thinking of ways to spread their venom. I wish there was a way to neutralize this tendency in a large scale in the market of ideas, thus allowing for moronic, senseless, useless concoctions they call thoughts and beliefs to be counteracted by plain old reasoning.

Who knows? Maybe there IS a way. We just don't know it... YET.  


Blogger Themis said...

Correction: process  


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