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3/17/2006 at 07:23

Blogger Error

This is my first post via email, and a “heads-up” to all you fellow Bloggers out there- or perhaps just anyone who stumbles across it.

I’m driven to email because I can’t post via the wysiwyg editor at Blogger, and haven’t been able to for almost 24 hours now.

There are two errors I’m receiving, the first last night:

1) 001 java.io.IOException: EOF while reading from control conne...- According to obey alan, this means “there is a problem on Blogger.com, go do something important and fiddle with it later.” Fair enough, except for:

2) 550 Could not open: No such file or directoryblog/9/26/1/wickedeye/archives/2006_03_01_wickedeye_arc...- …which means “We like alan much better than we like you.”

When I tried to post again this morning, it threw me the latter new error. Bah. Humbug.

So here am I, dying to share my insights and wisdom (or maybe my sudden flashes of random dullardliness, or maybe just peevishness), and I cannot. The sheer tragedy of it reminds me of Anna Karenina.

Ahem. On with the regularly scheduled program. At some time soon but later than the actual scheduled time. At least, I hope so.

(Note 3/20/06, 12:23 am: Got a heads-up from Calladus that this page is pulling some weird extortionist stunt when it loads- since the only substantive diff. between this and the other posts is the full error messages included in it, I've cut them off with ellipses close to the end. Hopefully this should fix it- thanks, Cal.)

Anonymous Calladus said...

That fixed it, Scientiae. No more code weirdness!  


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