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7/28/2008 at 02:55

Yeah, it's Nickelback. You can shut the hell up now.

I'm so sick of the ubercool hipster/punk/scenester jackasses who slam on top-40 bands and music because they're popular.

Yeah, you people are clearly the last word in musical knowledge.

That must be why most of you can't sing or play an instrument. Hell, most of you can't even dance.

British pop star Mika's a good example. So is Nickelback.

Because honest to friggin' Christ, if they're good enough for Brian May and Billy Gibbons, they're good enough for me.

What's that? You don't have to be a musician or display any level of musical knowledge because you know enough to know that you're terminally cool?

Cooler than May? I clearly skipped the slot where Rolling Stone ranks you above Les Paul, Pete Townshend, and T-Bone Walker in the Top 50 Guitarists of All Time.

Cooler than Gibbons? I must've missed the last time you opened for Hendrix.

Oh, was that you shutting the hell up?

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