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6/10/2011 at 00:58

OUTWARD: SUMMER [Lake, Galaxy, & I]

At 2:30 am on the morning of my birthday, I went for a drive

[the dam at Devil’s Kitchen].

2 am on a small lake in the middle-of-almost-nowhere is many things.


[insects and frogs and me]


[sigh of wind and susurrus of water flowing]


[no lights for miles].


I saw the Milky Way for the first time in a decade.

Stood on black asphalt, leaning on the white concrete of a small dam

[dark shallow waters below and behind me]

looking up at the stars

[scent of honeysuckle weaving together sound of water & brush of blown hair]

while mind gave body a surfeit of summer night

[wind on water on skin].

Stood on the inside of the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Γαλαξιαζ (Galaxias)

[standing in and looking out]

moving at approximately 0.07c (the speed of light)

[eyes ears tongue funneling the world backward into my skull]

looking outward at its edge

[neurons firing the reality of night & lake & galaxy].

Visual cortex filled to overflowing

[band of horizon skyglow rising 15° above black-spiked trees]

with a near-hemisphere of starry night

[dark pastel fade of cerulean to sapphire]

the attenuated night deepening quickly

[to silky midnight with diamond-bright flecks of fire].

And stretched behind that fire

[compressed by an angle 60° off the galactic plane]

the milky, rippling ribbon of paler flame

[stippled with staccato darkness: nebulae known but unseen].

Now the Milky Way hangs above the roof of my study

[shimmering as it spins through 600km/s]

but it is time and past time for me to go to bed.

So I will fall asleep on damasked sheets

[inside a minor arm of a barred spiral galaxy]

on a small side street in Carbondale, Illinois

[quietly merging with the Virgo stellar stream].

At home

[I will not need sweet dreams].

Blogger Anthony Fremont TZ said...


you have the dab hand,
deffo spill ink
out of a bottle
onto parchment,
i have an insatiable drooth
for your word
it's phenom,
this penning dreckly
moves in the reader's
visual mind,
you were definitely gannin' down
the quill on this
it's FAbtastic!!



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