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12/08/2005 at 14:39

There is no more effective form of censorship

Reproduced from another email in the same series as that below:

>>>There is no more effective form of censorship than lack of interest.

I've been working off that theory for several years now- and the bigotry, narrow-mindedness and fear all around me grow all the time in the face of silence from those who think differently. I'm just tired of it, M. I'm tired of intolerance and fear and sheer self-interest justified as patriotism. I'm tired of watching all those things be exploited by those who stand to gain most without anyone commenting or objecting.

I'm tired of being afraid that I could get hauled off to jail someday with no recourse, no defense, and no release- by being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being accused of something I didn't do- even though I'm a natural-born citizen.

All evil requires is the silence of good. That may sound melodramatic- and I'm sure it is- but I'm tired of taking things silently and hoping they'll pass. I love this country and all the wonderful, incredible principles it's stood for and stood by despite so many kinds of corruption. I'm not going to stand by and watch all that be thrown away.

And what that means is making sure that I stand up and say something. Even here.


Anonymous Duncan said...

Hi Sumi,

Chris Canary let me know about your blog here so I decied to check it out. Very cool. I like a lot of what you say and i am glad to find others that actually think about freedom and rights and such. Where have all the reasonable people gone. Keep it up.

See ya,


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