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3/29/2006 at 23:36

Another Blogger Error

Is anyone else having problems with Blogger's "Profile Views" number not changing? That section of my profile page hasn't moved from "181" since January '06- pretty frustrating.

I've checked a couple of other fairly active Blogger profiles on and off for the past month or so as well, and their "Profile Views" numbers haven't changed either. What gives?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am having this exact same problem. The only thing I found on Bloggers home page was lined out, because the "problem was resolved" due to the feauture not being turned on. What feature? I do not see that option in the settings? Plus, why did it start to count and then stop?  


Blogger Scientiae said...

I actually reported this to Blogger support, and got an email back saying that other people have been having the same problem and that support was working on it... but the fact that it's still crossed out on the Issues page bothers me.

I'm not sure about whether or when this will get repaired, but if I don't see it working within the next few weeks I'll try contacting them again.  


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