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4/03/2006 at 08:50

So I ran faster- but it caught me here…

Tori Amos is- disturbing. Very disturbing.

She’s also, of course, brilliant.

It’s not just that she plays piano like a demon, or that she sings to the world about things whose very remembrance makes most women flinch and cringe. It’s that she manages to do both in beautifully, exquisitely dulcet tones and symphonic arrangements of words and music, all of which display a verve and honesty that make her unique.

She's also an inspiration to rampant individualists everywhere, since, as recounted in the Wiki article linked above, her repeated quarrels with her record labels- over production issues and creative freedom- have not largely affected her following.

Ms. Amos is- has been since I was 18- one of my favorite artists, musical or otherwise. She deserves a far wider audience than she’s had; and unlike most artists, she’s proven over years and a growing market share that the number of people who listen to her has nothing to do with how she makes her music.

My sidebar now links to Tori Amos’ website. Listen, think, feel, enjoy. And be a little- just a little- frightened.

It’s good for you.

Anonymous Peregrine said...

I've been listening to Tori since the first album...haven't lately, as she seems...quite a bit different, musically, in the last few albums..last one I really listened to was "Strange Little Girl" (or was it girls..gah, can't remember), and just a few songs off of "Scarlet's Walk".

Have seen her live, twice..and, was part of the half of our audience who did a "Ooooh" when she started playing Ettiene Trilogy...:-) That was in...96.

Oh, and got to see her touring with Alanis..that was a pretty decent concert, as well.

Have you gotten to see her performing live? I'd imagine so, but if not, I highly recommend.  


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