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12/11/2005 at 14:18

Not Even Wrong

New link on the right to Not Even Wrong, an outstanding physics blog by Peter Woit, who’s a theoretical physicist and Lecturer at Columbia's Math Department.

The title of his blog references a famous comment by Wolfgang Pauli, formulator of the exclusion principle and the theory of spin. When asked for his opinion on a young physicist’s paper, he said furiously, “This… This is not right… It is not even wrong!”

On Woit's site, the phrase often refers to the current state of string theory. I'm not sure I agree with this, but his observations are so cogent and well-presented, and his respect for the strict application of the scientific method (which I worship and adore- probably more on that later) so profound, that it's very difficult to oppose his views.

Anonymous James said...

Thanks for your comment. All technical difficulties are sorted now, thanks for asking, and the first instalment of my albums and songs of 2005 is now online. Had a bit more of a read of your blog and it's very informed and eye-opening. So many of these things are just a form of masturbation that it's nice to see one that tries to educate. Also, it's good to see that you're a fellow Douglas Adams fan. There aren't enough of us about.



Blogger Scientiae said...

It consistently amazes me how many people keep blogs on the minutiae of their lives. Does anyone really want to hear about the new kind of toothpaste I tried this morning? Geez, I'm not even interested in those things about myself, never mind anybody else (unless I were planning on kissing him- but I wouldn't be getting info from a blog if I were).

Anyone who isn't a Douglas Adams fan just hasn't read him (or read him enough). Another comic genius- and thoughtful being. "Salmon of Doubt" has opened whole new vistas.  


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