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4/17/2006 at 06:52

Canis Meus Id Comedit [My Dog Ate It]

It's been a while since I published anything here, and more than a while since I published anything significant about my life. Hmmm. On looking back, I see that I've never really published anything about my personal life.

In any case, the reason for the time elapsed is, perhaps, slightly better than reasons I've had for past lapses. I've gotten in to the graduate school I'd been hoping for- a six-year MD/JD program.

Why that phrase isn't noted with three exclamation points and series of smileys is beyond me. Well, no, it isn't, really- such a public display would be beneath my dignity even if I were tempted to do it. But I'm not.

Saying that it hasn't really percolated yet isn't true either: it's been almost 3 weeks. I've been looking for apartments and arranging financial aid; if it hasn't yet sunk in completely, I'm certainly not in shock.

What I am, I suppose, is excited and scared and ecstatic and intimidated and thoughtful. A glorious mix of all those things.

And very busy. And I just wanted to let anyone who happens by know that there was a good reason- as there often before has not been- for my silence.

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