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5/08/2008 at 21:45

A Guide to WickedEye's Quotient

As the beginning of my second century- which is to say, the first post of my second hundred (no, I’m not yet that old)- I thought I’d give those of you who stumble across this blog a guide.

This is a road map, as it were, to this meandering record of my thoughts- and it contains the warning signs which go with it.

But first things first: Your map.

And now: Your warnings.

Mind the step.
This is not a blog which I write to keep the world at large updated on my personal life. It covers topics from cosmology to constitutional law, and I take most of those topics very seriously. My posts are largely structured essays, and meant to be read that way. If you want a blog full of amusing anecdotes, cute one-liners, or adorable photographs, you may be disappointed in this one.

Danger – Corrosive.

I’m an enthusiastic smartass and an avid iconoclast, and there are few things that are immune from mockery here. (Two of the sacrosanct subjects are human rights and scientific achievement.) If you expect writers to treat certain topics with reverence because “everyone else” does, because some religious text says so, or because it’s impolite not to, you may be offended by some of the statements here.

Highly Flammable.

I have very definite opinions on the topics on which I write, and I’m not hesitant about expressing them. In detail. If you’re troubled by seeing points of view other than your own challenged and certain behaviors condemned, you should avoid quite a few of the political and ethical posts here.

Warning – High Voltage.

You’ll encounter essays on subjects from torture to abortion to rape on this blog. When I write about abuses of power and ethical dilemmas, I don’t sugar-coat. If you prefer euphemistic treatment of unpleasant subjects, some of these posts will trouble you.

Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics/Strong Language.
I have a very good English vocabulary, and I use it. If you’re uncomfortable with precise and extensive use of the language- and I don’t mean the traditional “cuss” words, but caustically critical language that goes into rich detail about certain flaws and candidly exultant praise of certain achievements and knowledge- then some of these posts will frustrate you.

Caution – Uneven Surface.

I’m a lit geek, a science geek, a superhero geek, an SF&F geek- in short, a geek in just about every way it’s possible to be one. You’ll find ample evidence of all my geekery here. If it’s your quest in life to accumulate cool points or associate only with the chronically chilled, this blog will disappoint you in your aim.

…Made it this far? Cheers. I’m glad you’re here.

5/02/2008 at 15:28

My first- and probably last- sonnet about law school.

For my 100th post, a juvenile but mildly humorous Shakespearean sonnet.


It’s been a while since I’ve written rhymed verse,
but still, I have the bee in my bonnet-
and though for exams I’ve law to rehearse
my bee today desires a sonnet.

(Law school exams are delightful, some say,
and those who say so I’d never deny-
but should still note that some disorders may
cause the occasional psychotic lie.)

The exam-averse bee’s buzz in my brain
breaks the dark thrall of my Evidence book-
draws its delight from distracting again
my bleary bent from its bleak legal nook.

(I recall now why no test, book, or bee
pardons a sonnet around a JD.)

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